Why East London?

Why NOT East London!!!!! East London is growing, especially Beacon Bay, and the market was “screaming” for an “up market facility at an affordable price”.

Besides the fact that it is a Health and Wellness Centre and not a gym, what makes Body Culture different?

Nowhere else in EL can you get the quality of equipment, professional service and diverse exercise programs that we offer. I’m confident in saying that we have the best health facility in East London.

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What is our dream for Body Culture?

At the moment we are expanding. In early May the gym will be 350 sqm bigger. We are evolving and are offering new and exciting things all the time, like our Virtual Spinning Studio!

My dream would be for more EL people to become more health conscious and realise that if it’s results that they want, then Body Culture is the place to be!

People need to realise the benefits of exercise – what you do NOW will also affect you LATER on in life. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can only bring about disaster in the long run.

My advice…..if you want longevity…..a great “quality of life”….start exercising NOW….. at Body Culture we will put you on the right path, come join our family!

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